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1830 Book of Mormon 1833 Book of Commandments 1835 Sacred Hymns replica set

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1830 Book of Mormon
1833 Book of Commandments
1835 Collection of Sacred Hymns
1830 Book of Mormon Bound in an Antique Brown Leatherette matching the style of the original book.  The text on the label has been enlarged to be seen from further away.  The pages are Smyth sewn which allows durability and offers a more lay flat book. 
1833 Book of Commandments.  So few copies of this book exist and all have different bindings we used the same Antique brown and borrowed elements from other early LDS books for the design of the front and back of the book.  Our replica features the more elaborate title page of the two that were produced.  The printing press was destroyed in Zion Missouri while the book was being type set so the originals end on page 160 mid revelation we have researched what revelations were available in church publications at the time and have included 30 more pages that were prepared for printing in 1833 and have included those along with the witness page, a testimony of the revelations received by the Prophet Joseph Smith.  This is the first time that these have been included along with the original book of commandments.  We have matched as perfectly as possible the font and original style throughout the book.  
1835 Collection of Sacred Hymns bound in antique brown leatherette replicating gold tooling on front and back cover found on originals along with marbled end sheets.  This book is dedicated to the memory of Emma Hale Smith.


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